1. PJUICE 2500
    Compatible with most devices rechargeable by USB cable. Micro USB charging cable included Battery level indicator.
  2. PJUICE 10000
    External Charger Li Polymer 10000mAh Up to 5 charges Slim size
  3. PJUICE 20000
    External Charger Li Polymer 20000mAh Up to 10 charges Slim size
  4. PJUICE Polymer 5000
    External Charger Li Polymer 5000 Up to 2,5 charges Ultra slim
  5. PJUICE 4000mAh
    Output 2.1A +16H Hours talk Works with smartphones, tablets and others Charged and ready for use Average smartphone battery capacity is 1800mAh
  6. External charger with fast wireless charge
    External charger with fast wireless charge
  7. External charger Li Polymer 2500mAh
    Up to 1.5 charges Slim size Li Polymer 2500mAh
  8. Old collection products

    Emergency charger for smartphone Compatible with smartphones rechargeable by USB port More than one complete charge for most of smartphones Micro USB charging cable provided
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